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We are building escape room games where you will completely forget about your day-to-day routines and take a leading role in a breathtaking scenario. This is not about rooms with locks and keys! We have carefully designed all elements of the interior to create an atmosphere of the scenario. And we have filled it in with exciting puzzles and special effects.


Weteringschans 187A
1017 XE Amsterdam
+31 6 27 00 00 80

Judgment Day

Year 2029. Humanity is losing the battle against the machines. Resistance fighters discovered a secret military bunker. It has been out of service since Judgment Day over 10 years ago. Reconnaissance ...
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2 tot 5 personen

Moeilijkheidsgraad: Normaal

Je hebt 75 minuten om de kamer uit te komen.

19,00 tot 40,00 euro per persoon (afhankelijk van het aantal personen)

Back to USSR

Meet Dr. Korobeynikov. He is a famous scientist from the Soviet Union, he works on the greatest invention of all times and he is a little strange to say the least. His assistant didn’t manage the pre...
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2 tot 4 personen

Moeilijkheidsgraad: Normaal

Je hebt 60 minuten om de kamer uit te komen.

19,00 tot 40,00 euro per persoon (afhankelijk van het aantal personen)

The Curse

An old legend tells of a house in Amsterdam. Deep inside a secretive society carried out gruesome ceremonies with striking cruelty. Some say they were stealing the souls of innocent people to summon i...
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2 tot 5 personen

Moeilijkheidsgraad: Moeilijk

Je hebt 60 minuten om de kamer uit te komen.

19,00 tot 40,00 euro per persoon (afhankelijk van het aantal personen)


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door Laura (01-08-2018)

This experience was extremely fun. Although not my first escape room experience, it is my first time going with co-workers! And glad to say for their first time, they all enjoyed themselves greatly, so I got to introduce them a new experience next time.

Leuke kamer!

door Nataly (01-08-2018)

Mooi thema en de kamer zag er tot in detail perfect uit. Leuke puzzels die je goed aan het denken zetten. Is met 4 man goed te doen en smaakt zeker naar meer!

Erg leuke ervaring

door Mary (31-07-2018)

Mooie aankleding, leuke unieke puzzles. Geweldige details en je gaat op in het verhaal.

Fantastische ervaring!

door Viky (30-07-2018)

Veel verrassende elementen, constant een leuke uitdaging, je zit geen minuut stil in deze escaperoom! Er zaten erg verrassende dingen in, technisch zit de kamer goed in elkaar en het is een leuke ruimte om te verblijven. Niet te klein en je staat elkaar niet in de weg bij het oplossen van de puzzels.


door Vera (28-07-2018)

Deze escape room is erg mooi ingericht met oog voor detail en heeft een leuk thema. De puzzels zijn afwisselend en uniek. Een aantal van ons had al vaker een escape room gedaan, maar kwamen nu type puzzels tegen die zij nog nooit eerder waren tegen gekomen.

Hoge kwaliteit

door Elena (28-07-2018)

Super mooi ingericht met veel verrassingen! Het thema is ook tot in de puntjes uitgewerkt en is heel strak.Uitdagend escape room! Bedankt voor de hints anders hadden we het niet gehaald ;)


door Lizy (26-07-2018)

We all had a great time, and the production quality of the room was brilliant. Thanks a lot to nice host as well!

Loved it!

door Aleksandr (22-07-2018)

Loved it! We did the Judgment Day room and had a lot of fun working together to figure out how to escape, definitely glad we did this!

Fun time

door Nora (13-07-2018)

I loved it! It was challenging your mind but you were having fun at the same time. Room was cool and clues were clever.

Good birthday gift

door Margarita (06-07-2018)

Had a great time trying to figure out the clues for this room. The game was as a birthday gift and my friend was right on top of that! Makes you use the brain and lots of fun.


door Sopha (30-06-2018)

We had so much fun! Creative puzzles, team work needed, be prepared. Our whole group participated and contributed to our escape. The stress level was intense, but in a good way. Can recommend to visit Judgment day.


door Zhanna (30-06-2018)

It was great from the minute we were arrived. Staff were fun and friendly and the room was tricky and tough but not impossible. Definitely worth the evening.

Good fun

door Nadin (29-06-2018)

Well friends activity. Very nice, clean, fun entertainment. We really enjoyed working together and sharpening our problem solving skills!


door Magy (29-06-2018)

Had a great time hanging out with friends . The host was great and the room was a fun challenge with a mysterious theme. We love it!


door Julien (27-06-2018)

Had a great time a few days ago. The clues were challenging and this made it fun for our entire group. I played with my best friends so we enjoyed a lot the ambiance and story line of the episode. In some moment I was scary a bit, but I guess it’s more because of jokes of my friend than the escape room itself. Also we found new friend in the room… hihihih =)

Good friends activity

door Nicola (27-06-2018)

We played Judgment Day. Very well put together escape room, challenging puzzles, well thought out. I also enjoyed the communication with escape master, she was friendly and helped us a lot.

The soldier mission

door Lera (27-06-2018)

A refreshing mix of puzzles to overcome to escape into the real world once more. Great props and host.

Hard, but super cool!

door Indi (23-06-2018)

Didn't know what to expect - never done anything like this before. Excellent experience even though we weren't very good. The escape room itself was quite difficult, but we did it!

Great experience

door Sophia (20-06-2018)

Thanks a lot for a nice game! I have done 3 of the rooms so far, 1 being Judgment day that me and my co-workers did for a team building exercise. The challenges were suitably challenging, and we sneaked out of the place with 2 minutes to spare. The staff were super friendly, helpful and bubbling with excitement!!

Incredible game

door Derek (19-06-2018)

We played in monk's escape room and I would like to say - a really engaging storyline with some proper experiences thrown in on top of all the clue solving. It was not too scary, it was very interesting and.. Hm... Unusual. Lovely friendly staff as well. Left totally buzzing!!

Fighted cyborgs!

door Fedor (17-06-2018)

We played Judgment day room with team of 3 people. Puzzles are not difficult but real-life. That made this game logic for us, so we did it without hints. Also we like rooms with different spaces like this. Effects and sounds were good. 5 out of 5.

The Curse

door riccky (16-06-2018)

We played this game for the first time when I had some friends visiting Amsterdam for the weekend. It's so much fun!! I would definitely recommend it for any age group (max 4 people per group). Thank you for a great experience!

Amazing escape room

door Ken Brooks (09-06-2018)

Played Judgment Day on the last week. Room is amazing! Strongly recommened to escape room lovers.

Saved our souls!

door Laura (15-05-2018)

Some of my friends and me we were one of the first who challenged the new escape room. That was great and quite difficult, despite we are experienced team. As I'm a big fan of creepy stories and challenging puzzles I loved it! As for advantages: - mysterious ambience of magic - awesome soundtracks - various puzzles - great storyline - hi-tech riddles Disadvantages: For me all was good. Just to say in case this escape room will be difficult for the first-timers, but anyway you always can ask a hint =)

Zeer spannende ervaring

door Ron (24-12-2017)

Geweldige entourage eromheen zeker ook een groot pluspunt. Zeer spannende ervaring.


door Patrick (03-06-2017)

Thema goed verwerkt en uitgewerkt, origineel. Ontzettend creatieve en originele puzzels met veel oog voor detail. Gaafste tot nu toe!!


door NAFI (14-05-2017)

This escape room is really high tech and incredible what an experience! The host was really nice we got a good briefing.


door Playgirl (22-04-2017)

Ik heb 9 escape rooms gedaan en deze was echt de beste. Alles was super ingericht en vanaf het begin super spannend. We zijn erg tevreden.

will make your brain work

door Alice (06-04-2017)

This game starts in a pretty relaxed way as some of the puzzles are relatively easy to solve, but as you go further it gets much more difficult. We suddenly realized we had 25 minutes left and about half of codes still not solved. This is when your brain starts heating up)). In the end we used 2 or 3 hints and managed to win, without hints almost certain we would have lost it. It was a very nice experience for us!

Leuk, leuk, leuk!

door Erik en Saskia (20-03-2017)

Onze eerste ervaring met een escape room en volgens mij hebben we een goede uitgekozen. Leuk!! We werden uitgedaagd en hadden er vooral veel lol in. Ook blijf je er nog lang over napraten. Nu we dit hebben gedaan, willen we meer! Aanrader voor iedereen.


door Mike (11-03-2017)

Difficult to find words to describe it. Storm of emotions! Very well designed escape room with diverse puzzles and effects.

Amazing escaperoom

door Ruben (05-03-2017)

Goede escaperoom, voor mij de leukste tot nu toe, erg goede combinatie van thema en puzzels.

So much fun! I forgot everything for an hour!

door Ines (03-03-2017)

First I did the USSR room and that was like detective puzzles. I really liked those, they make you think :D And then we did the other and that one was completely different with a lot of action and it was literally like being in a movie. I wanna do it again! :)

Absolute must do!

door Anna (24-02-2017)

Got the tickets as a birthday present, such a great surprise! We played the Judgement day and I would definitely recommend that! Absolutely must do, is you are looking for some exciting experience! Definitely some wow effects to expect due to advance technology used in the scenario of the game! It made my day! Thanks!

Super stylish escape room

door Andrey (18-02-2017)

It was a really nice experience. Puzzles were cool and a lot of objects from the room are authentic soviet. I had a lot of fun, definitely will recommend to my friends.

wow wow

door Anna (08-02-2017)

Judgment Day was a big wow for us. Totally unexpected. And we were not well prepared, high heels had to go)) I've played a few escape rooms before however this one was completely different than anything else. Mission game is a better word to describe it. Puzzles are not too difficult, it is more about seeing and experiencing things around you, sound, engineering tricks, etc. Looking forward to play the second scenario.

will come again

door Timothy (25-01-2017)

Guys, this one is awesome. Adrenaline pumping all the way through the game. Puzzles are cool, still the atmosphere and drive are key in this room, they make it so special.

Very realistic

door Wolf (22-01-2017)

It was a very unusual experience, we really felt like we are in USSR. Music, ambiance, equipment was all from the old times, probably from Soviet Union times. Some things are written in Russian but all the game relevant elements are in English. We struggled with 2 puzzles and got some help from the guys ultimately making it in about 55 min.

Fantastische ervaring

door Buzzboy (17-01-2017)

Goed verhaal en puzzels. De start in deze escaperoom was overtuigend en zorgde ervoor dat je echt wilde de missie te voltooien .... realistisch decor, uitstekend audio/video. Fantastische ervaring!


door Ako1980 (17-01-2017)

Origineel thema en puzzels (bijna geen sloten). Erg creatief en spannend! Waarschijnlijk mijn favoriete escape room.

You wanna see Lenin?)

door Fink (14-01-2017)

Nice and relaxed escape room. Many old items form Soviet times makes the atmosphere of the game. Puzzles were not easy for us but the game master did a good job; ;)


door Anton (13-01-2017)

Uitstekend ervaring! Net alsof je in een film zit. Een aanrader voor alle escape room fans!

Awesome experience!

door Antonio (12-01-2017)

Just made it! 75 minutes of drive non stop and it's getting super intense towards the end. What i liked as well is the flow of the puzzles. There is lots of stuff to do but it all comes naturally and most puzzles are not too difficult. There are many steps in the game in different rooms and at some stage when you think you have won something else happens. A must-do for enthusiasts!


door Nika (12-01-2017)

If you are looking for a fun experience in Amsterdam while its raining outside, then be sure to check this place out.

Super exciting escape

door Vera M (10-01-2017)

Super exciting escape room with very detailed and well designed atmosphere! Best escape room I've done!!

Unbelievably realistic

door Mikhail (10-01-2017)

This game is unbelievably realistic. It is like getting inside a movie where you have to act yourself. And you have to be quick, it is just getting more dynamic when you think you are almost done. Very memorable experience!

One of the best escape rooms

door Nikolay (07-01-2017)

We like escape rooms and play a lot. This one is our top. Did it with my wife for 1 h 11 m. Enjoyed scenario, puzzles, details and some interesting decisions. Recommend!

Amazing experience

door Shruti B (03-01-2017)

Played the judgement room.... highly recommended... very challenging and very very interactive.... much better than other escape rooms in Amsterdam

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